About the site

This website has been developed by the Department of Labour and Employment Services under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In partnership with the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Vanuatu Council of Trades Union, the website aims at making fully accessible the information on the Vanuatu’ job market.

Our mission is to provide workers and employers with a reliable, accurate and complete information on job market vacancies, job candidates, business advisory, employment legislation and labour mobility programs, among others. In the near future, Employment Vanuatu will be positioned as the central platform for the provision of employment services used for the majority of workers in Vanuatu. This system will contribute in the medium term to increase the productivity of workers, and as a consequence, to increase the salaries paid.

This website is open for ALL WORKERS in Vanuatu. Agricultural workers, craft makers, service providers, professionals, part-time workers, civil servants, people with time availability for casual jobs, everyone is welcome to register!

Do you want to hire staff? You can post any kind job vacancy for free. It does not matter if the job is permanent, temporal or casual, this space is for ALL JOB OPPORTUNITIES.


The objective of the website is to facilitate digital employment services in order to reduce the barriers to access to the labour market information.

The services provided, including advertisement of job vacancies, registration for job seekers profile, job-candidate matching and face to face support are free of charge.

The partners of Employment Vanuatu (DOL, VCCI and VCTU), do not have any influence in the process of selection, interview or shortlisting of candidates.

We take very seriously data protection. All the information collected by registration of workers and employers is not shared with third parties.

Department of Labour

One of the key mandates of the Department of Labour and Employment Services is precisely to provide the labour force with a range of employment services that include: registration of job seekers, career advice and counseling, orientation on work contracts, maintain an updated register of job vacancies and the collection of labour statistics (including wages) for policy analysis.

This website provides all those services mentioned above by making use of digital resources. Employment Vanuatu is a public platform for finding and advertising jobs, but also the online portal for obtaining answers and orientation for all issues related to the labour market.

The Department of Labour, on behalf of the Government of Vanuatu, gives you a warm welcome to the Ni Vanuatu online services platform.

For personal attention, workers and employers are welcome to visit our offices in Port Vila, Luganville, Lakatoro and Lenekel.

For more information on services and units within the Department of Labour, please visit https://dol.gov.vu/.

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industry is excited to be a part of this initiative. It is our hope that this service allows for employers to find the right staff for their businesses, and that more opportunities are given to those looking for work across Vanuatu.

Up to date information can be found on our website here: vcci.vu

Our Facebook page is also updated daily, join us to receive up to date news from VCCI here: https://www.facebook.com/VanuatuChamberofCommerceandIndustry

We have an office in Port Vila, opposite Shefa Provincial Office, with staff available to assist you. We also have an office in Luganville, situated next to the Asia Motel on the main street.