The Vanuatu National Statistics Office (VNSO) implemented the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) Survey between April 2019 and March 2020. This survey provides all major baseline data for the NSDP indicators, including those related to the Vanuatu labour market. Also, given period of time in which the survey was carried out, it constitutes the key source for the pre-disaster baseline information. Data from the National Census 2020 will serve as the post-disaster labour market information to understand the impact of COVID-19 on employment.

This document summarizes the key labour market indicators from the NSDP Baseline Survey providing concrete information on the structure of the labour market in Vanuatu. The full document of the Labour Force Monograph, developed with the support of the International Labour Organization, can be downloaded here.

The NSDP Survey depicts the composition of the labour market detailing the number of individuals in working-age population (WAP, age 15+), and within this category, the number of people under different labour status that, in general terms, can be employed, unemployed or out of the labour force.